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Consulting and Hedging on Commodities and Currencies

About us

Wings Partners S.p.A. SIM is one of the first advisory and placement SIM to work in Italy specializing on raw materials, commodities, and currencies.
The company employs professionals in the field of commodities traded on the London Stock Exchange, London Metal Exchange, where they are treated non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, zinc, Tin, lead, Nickel and steel) on Softs (cocoa, coffee, sugar, cereals and wheat) as well as on the precious metals (gold, silver and Platinum) and oil and natural gas. Wings Partners S.p.A SIM. is independent from banks or Financial Groups has joined the national guarantee fund and is registered in the register n° 288 with Consob resolution No. 18786. We are Brokers of the most authoritative Introducer financial intermediaries worldwide.

To whom we address

Wing Sim Partners S.p.A. caters to entrepreneurs and Institutional operators wishing to delve into the topic of financial coverage (hedging) to foster the growth of the economic value of enterprise and investment.

Hedging: coverage from commodities and forex risk

Commodities and forex risks, are exposure that companies have to the oscillation in commodity prices and currencies, this would increase the financial risk. Financial risks coverage above, called hedging, is aimed at the stabilisation of corporate profits, reducing or eliminating the oscillations.
Operational characteristics
Our advice and placement service on commodity trends manifested in formulating specific recommendations to the customer with reference to the performance of the principal raw materials processed goods on stock exchanges worldwide, see London Metal Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the InterContinental Exchange. Commodities are copper, lead, aluminum, nickel, Tin, zinc, Steel, petroleum, precious metals: gold, silver, and soft commodities, cocoa, wheat, cereals, coffee and sugar).


Wings Partners S.p.A SIM. to understand the customer's specific needs, organizes training courses where you can delve into the theme of financial coverage and create hedging projects, designed specifically for your company.