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The London Metal Exchange (LME) introduced the future on steel on April 28, 2008, initially with two regional agreements, one for the Mediterranean region and one for the Far East. However the contract Far East not having encountered a great success was incorporated into Mediterannean contract thus creating a single global contract. Specific characteristics of steel futures contract Margin...

Alluminio secondario

Secondary aluminium

Secondary aluminum which was presented at the London Stock Exchange, London Metal Exchange, in 1991. The Future on secondary Aluminium is introduced on the LME, to provide a means for funding, and a more realistic basis of reference prices for aluminium processing industry secondary that had previously been offered through the primary aluminium contract. Specific characteristics of secondar...



Cobalt was introduced at the London Metals Exchange, the February 22, 2010. Futures contract-specific characteristics of cobalt Contract: 99.30% pure cobalt with respect to approved LME BrandLot Size: 1 ton of cobalt at 99.3%Margin per Lot: $7,000Forms: Cathodes-Balls-Tiles-Bullion GranulesQuote: USD Cobalt is the chemical element with atomic number 27. Its symbol is Co. Features It is ...



Molybdenum was introduced at the London Metals Exchange on February 22, 2010. Specific characteristics of molybdenum futures contract Contract: Pure molybdenum between 57 and 63% with maximum permitted impurities of 0.50% Cu, 0.05% 0.05% P, Pb, 0.10% 0.10% of S, C and 0.1% moistureLot Size: 6 tons of molybdenum (with a tolerance of +/-5% CTMR)Margin per Lot: $18,000Forms: powder packed in ...



Nickel was introduced at the London Metals Exchange, in 1979.Nickel joined major non-ferrous metals, thanks to its characteristics of high resistance to corrosion. Only in 1900 it was discovered that the steel nickel became very resistant to corrosion. The steel industry is still the main user. Specific characteristics of Nickel futures contract Contract: At 99.80% Nickel with reference to...



The lead was finally introduced to the London Stock Exchange, LME, in 1920.Lead is used largely for batteries or accumulators of energy. Specific characteristics of the lead futures contract Contract: Lead to 99,970% with reference to BS EN 12659: 1999Lot Size: 25 tons (with a tolerance of +/-2)Margin per Lot: $4,600Forms: IngotsQuote: USD The lead is the chemical element with atomic numb...



Copper was introduced to the London Stock Exchange as far back as 1877, i.e. only one year after the birth of the LME. Even then the copper industry had recognized very quickly the London Metal Exchange, as its international evaluation mechanism. This role is still in place and the continued success of the copper futures contract, in fact today about 94% of all copper futures trading is done...



The pond was introduced at the London Metals Exchange, LME, in 1912, was suspended in 1985, because of the strong crisis in the sector, and then can return for good in 1989. Futures contract-specific features of the pond Contract: Pond at 99.85% with reference to BS3252: 1986Lot Size: 5 tonnes (with a tolerance of +/-2)Margin per Lot: $ 8,010Forms: IngotsQuote: USD The Tin is a chemical e...



Zinc was introduced at the London Metals Exchange, LME, in 1915.Zinc is a very corrosion-resistant metal, is mainly used in shipbuilding, automobile and aviation. Specific characteristics of zinc futures contract Contract: The zinc 99995 with reference to BS EN 1179Lot Size: 25 tons (with a tolerance of +/-2)Margin per Lot: $5,425Forms: IngotsQuote: USD The zinc is the chemical element wi...