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The Risk Management area of Wings SIM Partners S.p.A. actively assists companies that use raw materials, such as non-ferrous metals, soft commodities, currencies and energy.

Wings Partners S.p.A. SIM provides the following services:

Introduction to the use of shells
One of the most important commodities markets is the London Stock Exchange, known as the London Metal Exchange. This market is the main point of reference for operators in the sector of raw materials, and detailed knowledge of how it works can have a concrete vision of the possible uses of such commodity exchange. The real problems arise from the difficulty of understanding the mechanisms of operation, from contracts and from the operation of margin deposits up to the understanding of market situations (market backwardation or contango).
Wings Partners SIM S, p.A. assists. its customers in every aspect through a twenty-year experience in the LME and on International Goods.

Daily and monthly analysis
Wings Partners S.p.A SIM provides daily and monthly analysis on trends of the market in raw material (commodities). These analyses contain information about the physical market (trends of supply and demand and analysis of current conditions that affect this trend) and Future market (technical considerations, stock quotes and stock trend forwards).